Tungsten Rings

While tungsten rings have quickly surpassed traditional metals such as gold, silver, and platinum as the preferred wedding band and fashion ring, this is not a passing fad. The benefits of tungsten carbide rings are numerous.

First and foremost is durability. Tungsten carbide is second to none in terms of strength and durability. That shiny gold ring you see in the display case isn't built to stay that way for long. Tungsten on the other hand will retain its shape and shine forever.

Second is cost. Tungsten wedding bands cost a fraction of the alternatives. Gold prices are at record highs and those costs are passed on to jewelers and then on to you the consumer.

Lastly tungsten rings are available in sizes and styles you just won't find in the traditional gold and platinum rings. Why blend in when you can stand out? At Tungsten Affinity we accept custom orders, so if you have an idea for your perfect ring contact us, and we'll make your dreams a reality.

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