Tungsten Wedding Band Buying Guide

At Tungsten Affinity we believe informed shoppers make for happy customers. Choosing the perfect wedding band can be a stressful process. With so many options in metals, styles, and sizes, all the information out there can leave your head spinning. You like the look and feel of tungsten or ceramic but between what you've heard from the jeweler and read online there are a few things you are still unsure of. While buying a tungsten ring isn't rocket science, there are several factors to consider prior to finalizing your decision so we created an easy to use buying guide to assist you in your journey.

Sizing - The first and most important thing you need to do prior to purchasing a ring is to have your finger sized. While there are online sizing charts and cutouts I do not recommend these as they are rough estimates at best. To get an accurate size I recommend going to your local jeweler. They should have a big key chain with sizing rings attached to it. For those in the US and Canada your size will usually be a whole or half size ranging from 3-16 (if you are outside the US or Canada please refer to our ring size conversion chart. The size you are given is the size you would wear in a traditional fit ring. A traditional fit ring is flat across the inside of the band. Both Tungsten and Ceramic bands have a comfort fit inner band. All Tungsten Affinity rings have the comfort fit feature. Comfort fit bands are domed on the inside with the tightest point being the center of the ring gradually expanding in size towards the edges. *IMPORTANT Comfort fit tungsten rings generally fit 1/2 size larger than traditional bands. We recommend you order a 1/2 size smaller than the size you were given at the jewelry store. With our comfort fit rings there is no need for 1/4 sizes as your finger will adjust to the rounded inner band.

The second part to sizing is the band width. Band widths are measured in millimeters (MM) and for tungsten bands generally range from 4mm to 10mm. The width of the band will effect the how a particular size fits. The wider the band the tighter the ring will fit, whereas the more narrow the band the looser the fit. When sized at the jewelery store women are sized for more narrow bands, so our standard women's width is 6mm. Men are sized at a slightly wider 8mm band width. This by no means implies that it is wrong for women to wear wider bands and men to wear narrow bands, it is simply a standard used for sizing purposes. If you have any questions about sizing feel free to contact one of our friendly representatives Click Here to send us a message.

For men and women - Tungsten or ceramic is often thought of as man's ring. This is simply not true. Both men and women equally enjoy the look, feel, and durability of tungsten carbide or ceramic. Every style we carry can be either a man's, woman's, or couples band. Generally women prefer a narrower band and men prefer a wider band, however with tungsten rings or ceramic rings there are no rules. You select the ring, the size, and the finish. Many online and retail stores only carry a limited selection of womens sizes, however at Tungsten Affinity every ring we carry is available in every size combination we offer, at no additional charge. Many women wear their tungsten band or ceramic band as their wedding band and will only wear their engagement ring for special occasions as tungsten can take the everyday wear and tear without breaking down like gold and platinum.

Styles - Tungsten wedding rings and Ceramic wedding bands are available in a wide range of styles and designs. All of our tungsten bands start with a base design of either pipe cut, beveled edge, step-edge, or domed. From there we are able to craft marvelous designs with a variety of finishes from brushed to polished to plated and a variety of combinations. The width of the band can dramatically change the overall look of the ring, especially in inlay bands because the width of the inlay will decrease or increase with the total band width. The photos on our website are of the mens standard 8mm width for your reference, if you're considering a thinner or thicker band width, contact us to request pictures of the thinner or thicker band width of the style you're interested in. In addition to the variety of finishes we also offer laser engraved designs such as cross and Celtic patterns, a variety of inlay materials, and grooved and channel cut designs. From traditional polished domed wedding bands to laser designed Celtic wedding rings to black and gold plated, Tungsten Affinity has the largest selection of styles and sizes available anywhere. The one thing we urge you to keep in mind when selecting your style is that the black and gold tungsten rings are plated, much in the same fashion as a white gold. If you work with your hands and or are active outdoors you may want to consider a plated ring as your nice ring, and a non plated version as your work ring. Natural, un-plated tungsten is gray in color, though not quite as light as .925 silver. Ceramic is black in color all the way through, so it is an excellent option of you're looking for a black ring that has superior scratch resistance. Tungsten carbide wedding bands or ceramic wedding rings are by far the most durable, longest lasting wedding band you can buy.

Care - Caring for tungsten carbide or ceramic jewelry is very simple. The best way to clean a tungsten ring or ceramic is with mild dish soap, water, and a clean cloth. Soak the ring for several minutes, rinse, and wipe dry with the clean cloth. Being that tungsten or ceramic wedding bands are permanently polished a quick soak and wipe down will remove all the residue and have your ring looking as good as new.

Things to avoid:

  • Cobalt - Many cheaper tungsten carbide wedding bands will contain cobalt as a binder. Cobalt is a cheap substitution for nickel. Tungsten rings containing cobalt can cause allergic reactions to the skin, as well as being more prone to scratching, marring, and corrosion. All of Tungsten Affinity's rings are cobalt free
  • Chemicals - Working with chemicals while wearing your tungsten wedding ring can cause the chemicals to become trapped under the ring. Anytime you intend to work with chemicals we recommend removing your ring until you can thoroughly wash all potential residue from your skin.
  • Abrasive Surfaces - Tungsten carbide or ceramic are extremely durable, but abrasive surfaces will attempt to and can embed materials into your tungsten ring giving the appearance of scratching. While tungsten and ceramic are scratch resistant, inlays can be susceptible to scratches. Inlays are generally enclosed in an epoxy casing, which is a softer material than the surroun