Black / Gold / Platinum (White) Plated Rings

Is the black or gold or white/platinum plating scratch resistant?

While it will be more difficult to scratch a black or gold or platinum plated tungsten ring than it would be to scratch a traditional gold or silver band, black, gold, or platinum (white) plated rings are not scratch resistant.

What do I need to avoid while wearing a plated ring?

Plating can be damaged or scratched by coming into contact with an abrasive surface or substance, chemicals, hard surfaces (metal, wood, tile, etc.). Plating can also be damaged by frequent exposure to hard water, or frequent/repeated contact with moderately hard surfaces such as a computer mouse or inside of a glove. Take the ring off if you are going to do things like:

  • handle metal objects
  • go to the gym
  • play sports
  • wash your hands/face
  • take a shower/bath

Feel free to ask one of our representatives if a plated ring will hold up to your lifestyle. **You still receive the protection of our lifetime warranty coverage with all purchases from Tungsten Affinity.

Will the plating fade?

The plating does not fade on its own, it can only being worn/rubbed/scratched off via contact with surfaces or chemicals that it should not be in contact with. Occasionally secretions or perspiration from the skin can contain chemicals which cause a reaction in the plating material that results in a "fading" effect. If this is the case, we recommend going with a non-plated tungsten ring by submitting a lifetime warranty claim for replacement.

I really like the look of the black plated ring, but I'm afraid I'm going to damage the plating, what can I do?

There are a couple of options if you like the look of a black plated ring but your lifestyle doesn't accommodate the care required to keep the black plating undamaged and intact. Jewelry grade ceramic has the same strength, durability, scratch-resistant properties as non-plated tungsten, however it is available in black and it is black all the way through - not plated - so there is no plating to be damaged or worn off. You can see our selection of black ceramic rings here. Another option is to purchase the black plated ring you like as a "dress" ring, to be worn during times it will not be damaged (i.e. going out to dinner, a movie, etc), and purchase a non-plated tungsten ring to wear during the time where you'll be in contact with abrasive surfaces, chemicals, etc. Please contact one of our customer service representatives to inquire about the plated+non-plated options if you have questions.