Make Your Tungsten Wedding Ring Unique with Laser Engraving

Custom engravings have long been a popular way to add that special touch to your wedding bands. Typically engraving a ring involves working with a seasoned jeweler who has a special set of tools known as gravers. Gravers are hand tools which require great precision and practice to properly and cleanly engrave your ring. While this works perfectly for traditional metals such as gold, platinum, and silver, a graver can not even scratch the surface of a tungsten ring. To engrave tungsten rings you will need to work with a jeweler who has either a laser or diamond drag engraver. Laser and diamond drag engravers are large machines with the capability of engraving both inside and outside the band. With laser engravers the machine does all the work, while a graver is only as good as the hands in which it’s held.

Laser and diamond drag engraving can be done on both the inner and outer portion of your band. While most engravings are on the inside of the band, just having the option of engraving the outside opens up a whole new world of possibilities. This gives you the opportunity to create your very own design or a special set of characters which only you and your significant other will understand. With the rise of the
Lord of the Rings tungsten rings many couples seek to incorporate the Elvish language onto their tungsten wedding bands.

However the possibilities don’t end there. Maybe you would like to custom design your own cross, a strong symbol of unity. Maybe you are a fan of the intricate patterns of the ancient Celtic designs. Celtic designs often stand for the intertwining of two souls, or the eternal bond of love and devotion. Combine this with a custom message for your sweetheart and no matter how angry you may become looking at your finger will always remind you of just how special your significant other is and why you chose to spend the rest of your life with them.

More common is to have a short phrase expressing your undying lover for your partner, the date of your big day, your significant others initials, or even a snippet of your
wedding vows engraved on the inner portion of your tungsten wedding ring. With a diamond drag or laser engraver you will never need to worry about the engraving fading as you can not wear down tungsten. With gold, silver, and similar soft metals you will need to have your ring “re-engraved” ever several years, typically at a cost to you.

So if you wish to give your tungsten wedding bands a deeper, more personal meaning, I would suggest inquiring about a custom engraving. Make sure to ask what tool the jeweler will be using to perform the engraving, and only be limited by your heart and imagination.