Tungsten Ring and Wedding Band Information

Did You Budget Enough for Your Wedding?

With summer months currently sizzling in our favor, love is certainly in season! Let’s face it -- human beings love being in love. From our first-date jitters to the final walk down the aisle, men and women alike have either been struck by cupid’s arrow, or dating around until the next love connection is made. But as they say love doesn't come cheap. In 2012, the average U.S. wedding budget was estimated at $28,000!

“June” reigns supreme as the most sought-after wedding month, with 10.8 percent of U.S. couples who prefer its warm weather. Interested in more wedded-bliss facts? Just take a look at some highlights.

The Perfect Valentines Gift - Part 1

Valentines Day is a wonderful time of year. Love is in the air, spring is around the corner, and many are well on there way to fulfilling their New Years resolutions. The one constant with Valentines Day though is the gift. For some finding that something special for your significant other is simple, for others this can be quite a daunting task. The one question I hear over and over again is, does the perfect Valentines Day gift really exist? Of course it does, the only hard part is finding it. Fear not though, we are here for you in your time of need.

I am sure many of you are familiar with the phrase analysis paralysis. You get so caught up in trying to make the perfect decision that you don't make any decision and are far worse off than if you had simply made a bad decision. With Valentines Day especially the longer you wait to make a decision on your gift of choice for the significant other the worse off you are going to be. Sure everyone thinks, "Hey it's still the first part of January I still have plenty of time to make decision.". Little do you know you couldn't be more incorrect. Restaurants only have so many seats, florists only have so many roses, and Hallmark only carries so many copies of that perfect card.

How to Choose the Perfect Tungsten Wedding Band

Choosing the perfect tungsten wedding band, while seeming complex, is simple process if you follow these basic principles: durability, design, and comfort.

Tungsten rings have exploded in popularity. Not only are they stylish, but they are also incredibly strong. In fact, in its processed state, tungsten carbide becomes stronger than titanium, gold, or platinum. All while maintaining its polished shine for a lifetime.

Tungsten wedding rings are known for their unmatched resistance to scratching, while maintaining that permanent shine. The only way to scratch a tungsten ring is with a diamond. Don't be afraid to put your tungsten ring to the test. Not only will it stand up to a steel file without scratching, you can even beat your new wedding band with a hammer without any adverse effects.

Tungsten - Rings for Women and Men

Trying to find the perfect tungsten ring may seem overwhelming at times. While there are many factors which weigh heavily in the decision making process there are two tips I always give. First if you are not sure ask. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is always ready to assist you. Second go with your heart. I know it sounds cheesy, but think about how many times you second guessed yourself only to kick yourself all the way home for making the wrong decision. While some rings are designed with men in mind and vice versa, tungsten rings are generally unisex. With our wide range of widths and sizes most of our rings make great wedding bands or accessories for both men and women.

Womens tungsten rings are generally smaller in diameter as well as width, while mens bands tend to be a bit wider and larger in diameter. That is not to say that a smaller ring would not look good on a man, however mens tungsten rings are generally a bit wider. Women's tungsten rings are generally smaller and have a feminine look mixed into the ring. It is amazing the difference the width of a ring makes in its overall appearance. Keep in mind when ordering your ring that the width affects the fit. The wider the band the tighter the fit, the more narrow bands fit a bit on the looser side. Generally one would order a ring approximately a half size smaller than traditional metals such as gold and platinum.

Mens Wedding Bands - Are You Sure You're Buying the Right Ring?

Finding the perfect ring for your groom is no easy task. While most people initially think,I'll just pick a gold band for him and we'll be done. Unfortunately, that simply no longer cuts the cake. Mens tungsten wedding bands come in such a wide variety of metals and styles that couples are putting as much effort into finding the perfect ring for him as well as for her.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a man's wedding band is what type of metal works best, gold, silver, platinum, titanium, or tungsten carbide. Each metal has it's benefits and drawbacks, not to mention there is no accounting for personal tastes.

Human Culture and Jewelry Over the Ages

Jewelry is a type of craft or human artifact that is worn to adorn the body. Necklaces, bracelets, headpieces, and rings are all types of jewelry. Pieces of jewelry can be made of organic compounds such as coral and pearl, or of inorganic compounds including gemstones or metals. Some jewelry is worn as a type of human body modification within a body piercing. Jewelry has been used to symbolize social status, wealth, romantic love, or as a part of religious rituals.

Early Human History

Archeologists have found ancient jewelry in Middle Eastern excavation sites dating back to 5000 BC. These items of jewelry employed a variety of materials from numerous regions, as trade routes distributed materials throughout the area. Obsidian glass from Turkey, cowrie shells, gold, silver, steatite, and lapis lazuli were all used in bracelets, headpieces, rings, and other articles of adornment (Tait 2008, 22-8).

Make Your Tungsten Wedding Ring Unique with Laser Engraving

Custom engravings have long been a popular way to add that special touch to your wedding bands. Typically engraving a ring involves working with a seasoned jeweler who has a special set of tools known as gravers. Gravers are hand tools which require great precision and practice to properly and cleanly engrave your ring. While this works perfectly for traditional metals such as gold, platinum, and silver, a graver can not even scratch the surface of a tungsten ring. To engrave tungsten rings you